It’s not just BLACK and WHITE ….

Whether business negotiations, community engagement, change integration in a workplace environment or a full range of life’s challenges, the best outcome is what we all strive for and to achieve this takes understanding, productive communication and a common focus to guide us.

Having worked with a diverse client base on numerous projects and initiatives, Candia Bruce is an expert in these fields and is best equipped to guide your ‘team’ to where they need to be.

Established in 2005, Working On It has focused on assisting our clients to achieve the best outcomes in situations that were in some instances thought to be impossible; dealing with difficult personalities, delivering unwanted change, giving the ‘bad’ news – difficult but achievable with positive, productive outcomes.

We offer a variety of services including:

Should you be facing any of these situations for the first time or as a seasoned ‘campaigner’, you will realise the best outcomes Working On It with Candia Bruce.